What Is a Bridal Set vs. Engagement Set

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If you’re in the midst of planning a wedding or looking to propose, it’s almost certain that terms like “bridal set” and “engagement set” will have come up on your search for jewelry.

Have you always wondered what is a bridal set vs. engagement set? We break it down for you!

When shopping for an engagement and wedding ring set, you may have encountered the terms bridal set and engagement set. Understanding what “sets” these two apart is key to finding the perfect piece of jewelry that best expresses your love.

An engagement set is what people typically refer to when discussing an engagement ring with its matching wedding band.

Engagement Set

It’s what couples typically choose when they want something that looks seamless, without gaps or spaces between the two rings.

Bridal Set

An engagement ring typically consists of one large diamond (or several smaller ones) set in gold or precious metal. 

Different Types of Rings

Wedding rings have been a part of marriage ceremonies for centuries, but the modern tradition began during ancient Egyptian times. They believed that circles were symbols of eternity,

How Did Wedding Rings Get Started?

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