What Makes a Marriage Last Long (According to Science)

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Millions of married couples worldwide continue to be so smitten with each other despite spending decades together.

In fact, those who marry today have a higher chance of staying together than ever before. With divorce rates reducing, married couples now have a 50% to 60% chance of staying together.

So what’s the secret to a long (and happy) marriage? More importantly, how do married couples maintain and strengthen their bond as years go by?

What Makes a Marriage Last Long?

The secret of a successful marriage isn’t so mysterious after all. I’ve gathered the top factors that make a marriage last long, backed by science.

If you want to make your marriage last long, be optimistic. One study found that looking at the bright side of things allows people to deal with relationship problems and conflicts better.

Adjusting your mindset

Unsurprisingly, putting your partner as your priority and being more in tune with their desires is another secret to making your marriage last long, according to a 2020 study.

Thinking of your partner

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