What to Do When You First Get Engaged

The Budget Savvy Bride

When you first get engaged, you probably feel like you’re on cloud 9. Perhaps you find yourself looking down at the new sparkle on your left hand like a real-life version of the heart eyes emoji.?

But what happens when your happy cloud gets filled with questions? From picking a date, what colors you want, what season your I Do’s will take place, and so on?

What to do when you first get engaged can be a hard thing to grasp when you are surrounded by so much love (and questions) all of a sudden.

How to Get Started with Wedding Planning

Most insurance companies will allow you to add your ring into your renters and/or car insurance policies, which could also get you a discount!

1. Look into insuring your engagement ring

It’s important to set your foundations for your plans before you go out booking anything for your big day.

2. Get a Wedding Planning Book

Start by talking about who you would like to pay for what, and then if applicable who will talk to each person you think will contribute.

3. Talk About Your Budget

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