What to Pack for Your Wedding Night

The Budget Savvy Bride

Your wedding night…. in this day in age, it’s unlikely it will be your first time “sleeping” with your spouse (but hey, if it is, woot woot!).

You’re likely already cohabitating, which is a 900% jump from 50 years ago, amazingly enough! So, for most of you, it isn’t about consummation and more about celebrating your official union.

Yet with all the planning and stress of creating your big day, you might have forgotten to consider what to pack for your wedding night. This is not one of those times where you just throw a bunch of your stuff in a suitcase and call it a day. Nope, for an extra special wedding night, you’ve got to be prepared!

What to Pack for Your Wedding Night

Available in True Black, Smokey Blue, Hunter Green, Rustic Red, and Tobacco Brown, how lovely are these unique little pouches? This handmade stylish leather accessory is perfect as a personalized cosmetic bag, organizer, or accessory for storing all kinds of little things.

Leather Cosmetic Bag with Personalization

This soft terry velour bathrobe makes a luxurious gift for anyone. The kimono style robe is 100% cotton, features two pockets and a wrap-around tie belt. It comes in four color options and can be personalized with your choice of 25 thread colors.


Heading to someplace nice and warm for your honeymoon? Don’t forget some fun beachwear! Don’t see what you’re looking for? Etsy has a myriad of other hats and cover-up options that are super cute, so be sure to pop on over there!


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