What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

Unsure what to wear to a wedding during the winter season? Check out the suggestions below to find something that’s stylish and seasonally appropriate!

There are SO many different things to consider when you are trying to make your decision: from the formality of the event to the weather, to the location. All of these factors can be used to help you determine what to wear to a winter wedding!

As a guest, it can sometimes be difficult to decide

what to wear to a winter wedding.

To make it simpler, we rounded up some inspirational outfit ideas for you to check out.  First of all, you’ll want to consider the weather. If you’re in an area that gets very cold during the winter, you’ll want to dress for warmth. Make sure you wear something that will keep you comfortable without sacrificing style.

Choosing What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

When deciding what to wear to a winter wedding, you’ll also want to consider the formality of the event. For a black tie wedding you could easily wear a floor length dress with long sleeves which would give you the benefit of extra coverage and warmth.

Consider the Event Formality

For a more casual event, opt for a knee-length dress with stockings or tights to stay warm. Pair your dress with close-toed shoes, and perhaps a sweater or wrap to keep your arms warm.

Long Sleeve Dresses for a Winter Wedding

Often, couples will incorporate their color scheme into their wedding invitations so be sure to look closely at it for any clues as to what the dress code might be as well as any possible color palette.

Colors to Wear to a Winter Wedding

Your fabric choice will likely have a bit to do with the formality of the event as well. Options such as lace, satin, or even velvet are popular for winter weddings, especially if the temperature is quite cold.

Fabrics to Wear to a Winter Wedding

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