Where in the US are Same-sex Marriage Rates Highest?

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After decades of passionate activism regarding discriminatory policies designed to prevent marriage equality from becoming a reality, same-sex marriage became legal nationwide in 2015.

Stacker examined U.S. Census data to find which states have the highest rate of same-sex marriages.

Less than a decade after the Supreme Court decision, many of the 7.1% of Americans who identify as LGBTQ+ have taken the plunge.

All the states in the top five on this list legalized same-sex marriage prior to it becoming national law.

Same-sex Marriage Rates in the US

– Total same-sex married couples: 19,629 – Share of all married couples: 1.35%

#5. Washington

– Total same-sex married couples: 18,746 – Share of all married couples: 1.51%

#4. Massachusetts

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