The 1 Design Rule That Will Save You Money on Your Wedding Decor

You’ll find expert decorating and floral advice from Alison Fleck, design genius and founder of Bloom Culture. We hope you enjoy these posts and find them as valuable as we do!

Couples see the number of tables needed and start to see $$$. Not only are you paying for the venue, the food, the cake, but then there’s the decor! What the H are we going to put on the tables? With Bloom Culture we not only help you DIY your flowers, we help you figure out where those flowers are going to go and how far we can stretch your budget.

How to Maximize Your Decor without Blowing your Budget with 

Bloom Culture Flowers

At Bloom Culture we always break down the reception table decor into three categories or three “table styles”, if that makes more sense to you.  The idea here is that you don’t need a flower arrangement on EVERY table to create a beautiful look.

Meet, the Rule of 3s.

Candle trio with hand placed greenery at the base. – Votives and Candles go a long way, you can fill in the table with candles (use LED if your venue does not allow flame).


Here’s the number 1 design rule that will keep your wedding decor costs down while still creating a beautiful reception that meets your Pinterest-board vision!

Groupings of bud vases mixed with votive candles  Bud vases, where you place a few individual stems of flowers in little bottles, are an affordable way to make an impact.  


Floral centerpiece in vase – Cohesive design, pull it all together, color and decor. – The flowers that are in the centerpiece are elements from each of the other tables bringing the look together.


Put your bridal and bridesmaid bouquets at your head table to give those flowers more of a chance to shine! It’s gorgeous (and savvy) to use your bouquets as statement pieces on your head table.

Head Table Decor

By just implementing this one design strategy, you can take your wedding decor design to professional levels of pretty!