Where to Find the Best Shapewear for a Wedding Dress

The Budget Savvy Bride

There are so many things to think about when planning a wedding. One of the most exciting parts for many brides is choosing a wedding gown! But part of the wedding dress shopping process that many fail to think about is what to wear underneath your wedding dress!

The type of undergarments you’ll wear with your wedding dress will depend on many factors. Certain styles may not require any special thought, but if you’re planning on wearing a figure-skimming or form-fitting style, you may want to invest in some shapewear.

Where to Find the Best Shapewear for a Wedding Dress

Trust the body contouring experts at Leonisa and find your new favorite line of figure-flattering lingerie, shapewear, panties, swimwear, and more. Why shop at Leonisa: Their products are designed by body contouring experts to give you the best shape in your shapewear.


Skims has been a very popular choice because if Kim wears them, they gotta be good! We also love the variety of neutral tones that Skims products come in because they suit a variety of skin tones for a perfect blend under any garment!


If you’re looking for the best bridal shapewear, Spanx is a clear winner. Sara Blakely invented this entire category, so why mess with the original? Their products are high in quality and comfort, and will also last you for years.


The shapewear brand Yummie has a range of the best shapewear for a wedding dress. Their nude selection is perfect for underneath your wedding gown for smoothing curves and making your figure look bulge-free.


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