Did This Woman Intentionally Upstage the Bride at Her Ex-Husband's Wedding?

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Weddings are usually a time for celebration and joy. However, sometimes the most extraordinary events can be ruined by drama.

When an ex-wife unexpectedly showed up to her former husband’s wedding, tensions quickly rose. Did she come to upstage the bride or just to show her support? Get all the details of this interesting story and weigh in on what you think was really going on here!

Jane, recently attended her ex-husband’s wedding to his new bride, Stephanie. Despite having a peaceful divorce, the bride was unhappy about her presence. She accused her of intentionally upstaging her by wearing a “party dress.”

Jane’s Story

One confessed, “I love when these posts are skewed to be, ‘but I didn’t do anything wrong!’ And then you see the dress, and it’s literally a red wedding dress!” Form-fitting and strapless, no less. Absolutely screams, “LOOK AT ME!”

It’s a Red Wedding Dress!

Another suggested, “Your ex never told Stephanie you accepted the invitation. Stephanie was rude. Still, you refused to leave a wedding when the bride asked you to. If the host of an event asks you to leave, you exit the event.”

A third asked, “Why would you go in a jaw-dropping dress? You intentionally tried to upstage the bride and, in your efforts, have severely damaged a good working relationship with the stepmother to your children.”

Damaged Good Working Relationship

One explained, “Generally, it’s frowned upon to wear red, black, and white to a wedding regardless of the stipulated dress code.”

You Don’t Wear Red to Weddings

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