Would You Invite Unsupportive Sister to Your Wedding?

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Weddings can bring up tough conversations with family and friends. Would you invite an unsupportive family member to your celebration?

 Sarah got engaged to her partner of six months named Derrick. Sarah understands that six months is a short time to get to know someone, let alone to fall in love.

Sarah’s older sister disapproves of the union between Sarah and Derrick. Although before their engagement, her older sister was supportive of their relationship.

Sarah’s sister told her she was “young and could meet people she loved more.” Sarah felt offended because she loved Derrick, and it was as if her sister told Sarah she didn’t know what was best for herself.

The Conversation Between Sisters

Sarah confided that she had not spoken to her sister since then. However, her sister has made several attempts at communication.  The question arose if they should invite her sister to the wedding ceremony; they both agreed they shouldn’t. Here is how the internet responded.

“You have not known him long enough to love him, and you are infatuated. On top of that, you are ready to ruin the relationship with your sister for a guy you do not know.”

It’s Infatuation and Not Love

“A mature 30-year-old would say, she’s your sister; she has a right to be concerned. She doesn’t understand our relationship. Instead, he’s quick to jump on isolating you from your family train, which is concerning.

 Too Childish to Get Married

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