Would You Let Your Partner Go to a Wedding That You're Not Invited To?

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Weddings are a time to celebrate love, joy, and commitment between two people. But what happens when one partner is invited to a wedding while the other is not?

How would you feel about your partner attending a wedding without you? A woman asks the internet for advice.

Jake was invited to stay at a Residence inhabited by the primary duo and their intimate acquaintances and family for the wedding weekend but there were no plus ones allowed.

The Situation Unfolding

Jake immediately booked an Airbnb nearby to ensure that Kate was not alone. However, when he went to inform the bride, he discovered that she wasn’t invited to the wedding.

Jake’s Resolution

The news shocked and hurt Kate. ate had spent two years thinking she would attend the fun Scotland wedding with her partner and many friends, only to find out this was never the case. What do you think? Here is how the internet responded.

Many people agreed with the sentiment, “You’re not a plus one. You’re an actual person they know. No wonder you’re feeling hurt.”

You’re Not a Plus One

“Is NO ONE getting a plus one or just this one person? It sucks, but it would feel less targeted if no one got plus ones. I’m pretty sure my husband would bow out entirely if I were not invited.” Another agreed, “Same, and I would do the same for him.”

Is No One Getting Plus Ones?

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