Would You Uninvite a Wedding Guest Due to Poor Hygeiene

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Have you ever heard of someone not inviting their brother to a wedding because he stinks? We hadn’t either until this twenty-six-year-old woman, whom we’ll call Britney, shared her story.

Explore the honest reactions from people on the internet when a man refused to invite his brother to his wedding due to his hygiene.

Her Brother’s Reaction

The brother was understandably hurt. Britney explained feeling she had “no choice” because of his smell. Here're how the internet responded.

And a massive one.” One suggested they didn’t need to explain the judgment further. And they wouldn’t be surprised if you became alienated; your brother would be better off.

A Massive One

Not surprisingly, many stated they didn’t believe Britney loved her brother very much. “The guy is trying to make his money. I’d rather be working than be around people like you.”

It Sounds Like You Don’t Love Him

It wasn’t lost on the thread that Britney’s brother was attempting to go at the cost of missing a week’s pay during the busy season.  That should mean something

He Wants to Go

She is completely embarrassed by his work, which is the primary reason—the possible odor. This user further noted the smell would dissipate with a week’s worth of showers and “essential oils.”

I Think She’s Embarrassed by His Job

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