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This post is the FINAL addition to our wedding budget series here on BSB! We've been sharing a wedding budget tip every Tuesday for the last year to help you save money on your wedding! You can also see past posts on this wedding budget tips page for your convenience and future reference.

Wedding Budget Tip #50: Ask Yourself These Questions

Wedding Budget Tip #50:

Ask yourself: Is this really important? Does this expense enhance my guests' experience or just my own?

Weddings are a BIG deal. It's a super special day, no one can deny that. But it doesn't mean you need to spend lavishly for it to be amazing, and you definitely don't need to overspend on things you can't really afford.

One way that I decided to try to hone in on what was important on the big day was by asking myself a few questions in order to justify a purchase. If it didn't fit through these filter questions, I passed on the purchase.

Some questions to consider asking yourself:

Is this really important? Will people remember this aspect or detail of the day?

Does this expense enhance my guests' experience, or is it mostly something to benefit me?

Is this something I can re-use after the wedding or sell to recoup my money?


By asking myself these questions I was able to decide whether or not the expense was worth it. If I could justify it, I would make the purchase, if I couldn't — I passed. If something seems like a selfish splurge, it probably is. Really get down to the nitty gritty of why you feel compelled to make a purchase before pulling the trigger.

BUT, let's not get too judgmental on ourselves. It IS your wedding day — and some of your choices WILL be all about you. Your wedding dress, for example. But does that mean that you should purchase a wedding gown that costs $5k and serve your guests cheese and crackers? #RUDE, amiright? Be considerate of your guests' experience, think about balance and moderation with your spending, and keep your whole budget in perspective when deciding on your splurge items.


So tell us:

how do you justify your wedding purchases? Do you ask yourself these questions?

Leave a comment below and let us know!


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