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Wedding Ceremony Inspiration

I am a planner. Like a hardcore planner – I own a book called How to Pack which is highlighted and dog-eared because I really do use it. Fo’ reals, y’all – I like planning stuff. So, the idea of collecting and organizing inspiration for my wedding was like my own personal wet dream. And thus, once I texted The Boy “Yes”, the tearing pages from magazines, the pinning, and the bookmarking commenced.

Ceremony Inspiration

At first, I just kept anything that I liked. After a few months, I weeded through it all and started looking for patterns in all the chaos. And that’s when I uncovered The Boy and my wedding ceremony theme – color and the outdoors. See, we’re getting married at our house (its three acres in the Texas Hill Country) and I loved the idea of having our wedding ceremony under the big oak trees at the bottom of our property. Here’s what it looks like right now:

Ceremony Inspiration

See how the trees make a natural arch for our alter and a sweet canopy for our guests to sit under? Obviously, we need to clean it up and landscape it (you can follow that process At No. 64) but I love the potential it has. And this is what I’m hoping our ceremony looks like:

Ceremony Inspiration

Images Courtesy of: Style Me Pretty, Hi Fi Weddings, Inspired By This, Martha Stewart Weddings, Unknown, and Style My Pretty

We plan on using leftover wood from some pallets to make benches for seating (and we also have a bunch of logs that will be good for the little ones). I want to hang stuff from the trees (thinking of garlands, fabric strips, or pompoms) and we'll definitely be doing something at the biggest oak tree to visually designate it as our “alter”. When all is said and done, I'd love for our ceremony to look as though our guests stumbled upon a clearing in the woods that just so happens to be decorated beautifully (P.S. I also want us to carve our initials in the tree post-ceremony).

You may also notice that I want to include peonies – I know, I know… EVERYONE is doing peony bouquets but hear me out. Peonies have been my favorite flowers for over 2 decades and, since I grew up in Alaska, they were a VERY special flower and only the fancy schmanciest people had them. Basically, I've always attached “special” to “peony” and am dying to have them as my bouquet.

One more little thing, I'm definitely having my wedding party wear blue. The Boy has this AMAZING blue shirt and tie combo that I love on him and our entire wedding party is being modeled after them. Not sure if I'm planning on having everyone match or just coordinate but we'll definitely be doing blues.

So, how about it, y'all? What do you think of my ceremony plans and inspiration? Are any of you planning on getting married in the woods? Or maybe you're getting married at home, too? Tell me your plans and let's exchange ideas!

Ceremony Inspiration

Cris from Kiss My Tulle

is an Alaskan bred bride who planned a Texas wedding for $5,000. See more of her wedding planning posts here.