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Wedding Color Scheme: Turquoise, Aqua, Yellow, Orange

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wedding color scheme: turquoise, aqua, yellow, orange

Wedding Color Scheme Inspiration

Wedding Color Scheme:
Turquoises, Greens, Yellows, Oranges

We decided to create our next inspiration board for a wedding color scheme with a little more of a palette than just a set pair of colors. When you opt for a range of hues rather than a pair or trio, it looks so much more luxurious. Even this board could use a little bit more variation rather than just the bright turquoise. We’re thinking that a bit more variety in hues will help the colors flow more freely through the day’s details.

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Why choosing a range of hues for your wedding palette is best

When you choose a set of 2 or 3 colors that are repeated in every detail of your wedding from the invite to the napkins to the tablecloth to the BM dresses to the flowers… it can just get too matchy-matchy and overwhelming.

We don’t want to border on tacky… ya know? A lovely, soft variation of colors can be just what you need to make your wedding color scheme look more luxe. We hope you enjoy this wedding color scheme inspiration board!

Choosing your wedding colors

Take a nod from the experts at Pantone if you’re looking for wedding color palette inspiration. Beyond the wedding dress, the wedding colors are something that brides tend to dream about the most for their big day. Choosing the right color palette for your wedding day is made easier when you keep your selections loose and aren’t too OCD about everything being perfectly matching.

Color is a powerful tool in designing the aesthetics of your day but also in capturing the feelings you want to express about your relationship, wedding, and marriage!

Whether you consider yourselves playful and vibrant or subtle and romantic, to timeless and classic or modern and chic, your color selections can help you to create the atmosphere and ambiance you want your wedding to embody. So keep those personality attributes in mind when deciding which colors to use for your wedding details. Ask yourself if they represent not only the two of you as a couple but also the feelings you want your guests to experience during the celebrations.

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