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I must confess…I sometimes feel I am a disappointment to all that is budget-savvy. Though I've been praised by my mother for my budget-savvyness, it's a tough world out there. When I came up with my budget, I'll admit to you: I had NO CLUE what some things would cost.

I've saved plenty in some areas with others being a little more costly. The tuxes, catering, vendor tips, and gifts were some costs I didn't see coming. How was I supposed to know a tux rental would cost as much as my bridesmaids' dresses?

I'm sure you've seen those lists…they're all over the Internet. “10 Costs Brides Forget About” and yada yada. I really hate those lists…I thought they were full of bologna at first. I know I may need wedding dress alterations; I also know I'll have to tip my vendors. So what of it?

Some costs can be unexpected. It happens. But I wanted those really cute dress socks for the guys. So I bought them. Yes, I splurged on a nice hotel for our wedding weekend, and I also splurged on a pretty awesome honeymoon (more on that later). It'll be a great way to celebrate together, and we're making memories.

I've spent time wondering if it's the best move because “It's so much money!” or “We didn't budget for this!” But the way I see it, this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, and you might as well invest in the experiences that will be what you remember years from now.

Anyone else thrown budget-savvyness to the wind on occasion in their planning process?

What have you done to get yourself back on track?


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About Laura

Laura is a 26-year old school counselor living in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Laura is married to the love of her life Josh, whom she met online in February 2010. He proposed in a beautiful park on January 19, 2013, and they had an intimate and elegant wedding at an Asheville vineyard on April 26, 2014.

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  • Dana

    Yes! I’ve had a few YOLO moments recently with planning and unexpected costs that have popped up. One involved our officiant and church fees. When we reserved the church, there was an interim pastor. Now, we have a permanent pastor and a new church wedding planner. They’ve revised the church fees which have jumped from $250 to now close to $500! (including a new $100 fee to the church wedding planner for a holiday weekend wedding). We also had to revisit our photography strategy. Initially, we were hoping to spend under $500 but our plan fell though and we had to go a much more costly route ($3200). Fortunately, though budgeting in our everyday lives we’ve cut things like eating out as much and entertainment budgets to cover it. I’ve also taken to eBay and Etsy to sell some of the wedding items I’ve learned to make like Boutonniers and Lapel Pins to generate a little extra income towards the wedding!

  • Ashleigh

    I’ve had those moments, but not really with our wedding. We did revise our budget up a bit once we got into the process, but I still made off crazy good. (Helps when all the vendors are extended family!) We recently celebrated our first anniversary, and we splurged on a Caribbean cruise… so worth it!

  • Laura W

    Dana-I just discovered your Etsy shop today, and I must say: I’m impressed! Budget blasters are no fun, but I’m happy you’ve found a way to work with it.

    Ashleigh-I hope you have fun on your cruise! That sounds so fun! I think revising as you go in the wedding process is very necessary. I just hope I’m not an embarrassment once my actual numbers come out. haha!

  • Laura–I am all the way with you here! I’ve had some great luck in hunting for deals, but it’s not possible to get everything at rock-bottom prices…the work required for that would take a lot of the fun out of it. I, too, have decided to splurge in a few areas. The primary one turned out to be event/venue, but I’m sneaking in a few things for me and my FI here and there.

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