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Wedding Day Accessories

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Julie Williams

When I met Adam nearly six years ago, I kind of fooled him. We were college students meaning that I had very little disposable income, which in turn meant I had to work with my already-existing wardrobe. The truth is, I love to shop. I just adore a good outfit. When the paycheques started rolling in again after graduation, this little secret was revealed. Adam doesn’t give two hoots about anything fashion related. If I would let him, I assume that he would like to buy his wedding outfit from MEC and I think he’s kind of baffled as to why I wouldn’t want the same.

I’ve had a great time putting together all the pieces of my wedding day ensemble. I’ve sourced nearly all of the pieces on Etsy! Many of the items are vintage, or used repurposed vintage items which I adore. I even found a lovely independent dressmaker from Greece on the site who is making a custom poofty tea-length cocktail gown from DOTTED tulle [!!!] for me at a ridiculously reasonable price. I’ll talk about that more once the dress has arrived! Every time a parcel notice arrived in the mailbox over the last few months, I couldn’t wait to head straight to the post office the next day to retrieve my newest treasure. I think everything has come together so well – it’s certainly not a conventional bridal outfit, but I personally wouldn’t have it any other way.

[Now Adam, I know you don’t really understand this whole outfit thing, but if you want to be surprised on August 30th, don’t look any further please.]

vintage accessoriescollage photos by me.


pretty, pretty hair comb: Whichgoose via Etsy | classic birdcage veil: Beautiluartist via Etsy | 1960′s vintage beaded choker: Mary Angleas Jewels via Etsy | ultra-cute and chunky repurposed vintage ring: Marie Arnoux via Etsy | manageable but still reasonably stylish shoes [there’s no way I was attempting heels at a bush party]: Town Shoes | pink shoe clips [actually vintage clip on earings!]: Bay Creek via Etsy | amazing one-of-a-kind vintage collage bracelet: Lonkoosh via Etsy | mini barrettes: Sweet Simple via Etsy | printed cropped cardigan: H&M […yep, H&M. I’m one classy bride-to-be]

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Julie Williams

is a bride blogger who got married in 2011. You can read her wedding planning posts here.