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Get $20 off when you get the The Honeymooner’s Bundle from Celebrate.buzz!
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Get $20 off when you purchase The Honeymooner’s Bundle from Celebrate.buzz!
December 31, 2023

Planning a Bridal Shower or Bachelorette Party and looking for a fantastic idea? Look no further! Celebrate.buzz’s Newlywed Game is the perfect activity for the bridal party.

Honeymooner’s Bundle includes The Newlywed Game, as well as our Video Guest Book for the wedding.  Save $20 off the total!

Step 1: Use our app to send the groom personal questions about the bride.

Step 2: The groom records his answers on video at his convenience.

Step 3: At the Bachelorette, ask everyone what they think the groom answered.

Step 4: Reveal what the groom said by showing the video!

Step 5: Enjoy everyone’s laughter and bask in the glow of a successful party!

Buy the hilarious Newlywed Game for your Bachelorette separately for $39.99!