Wedding DIY Projects with A.C. Moore!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of A.C. Moore for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

We love crafting unique and creative DIY projects, so we were thrilled to partner with A.C. Moore and their propriety brand, Nicole, to creating some wedding crafts with their products. The Nicole Forever Yours products are perfect for all your wedding crafts! The brand sent me a variety of products to play with the create some simple wedding crafts, so I’m excited to share those with you today!

First up is a simple centerpiece project using glass vases, glitter tulle, and scrapbook paper from A.C. Moore. These square shaped glass vases come in various sizes and are a simple and versatile vessel for wedding crafts! I decided to whip up a simple centerpiece using these scrapbook papers and glitter tulle. This project is so easy, you can put them together in five minutes!

A.C. Moore Wedding Crafts

I cut the glitter tulle into long strips, and then folded it accordion style so the tulle could poke out the top of the vessels. This glitter tulle sparkles and adds an extra dose of pizazz to the centerpieces.

A.C. Moore Wedding Crafts

Next, I took pieces of scrapbook paper and cut them to the size of each of the three vessels. Then I wrapped the paper around each vessel. You can secure the wrapping with a bit of tape or glue! As you can see, this is a quick and easy setup to create a cute and colorful centerpiece. Just choose scrapbook paper that fits your theme! Because you adhere the papers to the outside of the vessel, you could also use them as regular vases and fill them with water and flowers for a more fresh look. This would be great for an engagement party, bridal shower, or even simple wedding decor!

A.C. Moore Wedding Crafts A.C. Moore Wedding Crafts

Next up, I used some floral pieces from Nicole with the glitter tulle to make some boutonnieres! I took the plain white boutonniere and paired it with the little silver flowers to craft a simple and chic bout for a groom.

The flower pieces have flexible wires, so just hold them and arrange them how you like, bending the internal wires to create the perfect shape. I love the little doses of silver amongst the white– it just gives it that extra dose of glamour!

Wedding Crafts ACMoore A.C. Moore Wedding Crafts

Then, I cut the glitter tulle and used it to wrap around the boutonniere base to finish it off. I secured the tulle to the boutonniere using a hot glue gun.

Wedding Crafts ACMoore Wedding Crafts ACMoore

Voila! A lovely boutonniere, fit for the groom on your big day!

Wedding Crafts ACMoore

Another simple craft included attaching wooden word cutouts to paper bags. Easy peasy, and perfect for your favors or bridesmaids gifts! These would also look darling as centerpieces with baby’s breath inside the bags on your tables, don’t you think?

As you can see, there are a wide variety of products available and an endless amount of options to use them for your wedding day at A.C. Moore!

With 135 brick-and-mortar stores along the east coast, A.C. Moore offers a large selection of arts and crafts products including papercraft, baking and decorating, jewelry-making, wood crafts, fine art supplies, floral arranging, frames, décor and more– everything you need to craft the picture-perfect DIY wedding!

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