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Previously I wrote about the journey of wedding favor selection, and I just finished putting them all together! Just to jog your memory, after much deliberation the fiance and I decided on colorful stick candy for our favors. We ordered them from Cracker Barrel at just 10 cents a pop! When we picked up the order, the ladies working were nice enough to throw some extras in gratis just in case we happened upon some broken sticks [we did].
I had a hard time deciding how I wanted to package the sticks, but I knew I wanted to maximize the cuteness as much as possible. I toyed around with some ideas including just wrapping them up in a bow, but ultimately settled on a pretty package. I ordered some cellophane “treat bags” from that only ran me about $3 per 60 count! I quickly began punching out my own heart confetti, because it is apparently impossible to find heart confetti in yellow or gray.
I knew I wanted to include a cute and simple thank you note on each favor just thanking the guest for making it out to our special day. After playing around with wording for way. too. long. we settled on “Love is sweet! Thank you for sharing our special day!”. It was perfect because it was concise and also a little bit pun-ny [ get it? Love is sweet and its a tag on candy, and candy is sweet, just like love….you get it]. After some toying around on the computer I made up a template for name tags and printed out the labels on tan colored paper. Once I had my beautiful labels all printed and cut, that’s when I went crazy. High on weddings and arts and crafts I decided I wanted to SEW the labels to slightly larger gray hang tags that I also made. I sat down at my sewing machine and individually sewed 130 labels to 130 hang tags, only after playing the sewing machine “what level tension do I need” game for about an hour. I sewed them in kind of a messy manor because the uneven stitches looked surprisingly rustic, which worked in my favor.
Wedding Favor
I put one of each flavor of candy stick in a cellophane bag with a pinch of homemade heart confetti.
Wedding Favor
I took some of the leftover [from the invitations] yellow bakers twine and wrapped the top of each bag, and affixed the homemade tags from hell.
Wedding Favor
I am happy with the final product! I apologize for these sub par photographs, I was relying on the camera on my ipod touch…not that great. Good news is, I am finally done putting them all together!

Wedding Favor

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