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Wedding Guest Gifts

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Taylor Barnhill

I must say, the out-of-town guests at my wedding are getting quite spoiled with  gifts. (And I have to take a minute to give my mom the credit for it. She has some GREAT ideas.) When they check in to their budget-friendly hotels they will receive this bag:

welcome bag gifts With this little tag on it:

welcome bag gifts Inside the ladies will find a nice pair of “dancing shoes” in our wedding colors

welcome bag gifts welcome bag gifts They will also have a packet of tissues for their “tears of joy”

welcome bag gifts

Along with a customized bottle of water welcome bag gifts

** Let me just take a minute to brag on these adorable little bottles. Above you will see our “wedding logo”. Look closely now. Not only is it an apple core, but the outline is actually the profile of my husband to be and me! A friend of mine helped me execute my vision for this and I am thrilled with how it turned out! On the opposite side of the bottle is our names…

welcome bag gifts

And on the back is an idea I totally stole from another wedding website (sorry I forgot which one). Where the nutrition facts should be, I typed our relationship facts: our first date, the date we got engaged and our wedding date. The bottom says “Percent Daily Value based on a long and happy marriage” **welcome bag gifts

Moving right along….

At the wedding, guests will get a goody-bag with mini-take-out boxes to fill up at the candy bar.

welcome bag gifts

The final item is a wand. Our venue will not allow sparklers (my first choice), I didn’t want bubbles, and if the guests throw anything our contract says that we have to clean it up before we leave so we came up with wands for the guests to wave as we make our final exit. I can’t wait to see how they turn out in pictures!welcome bag giftswelcome bag gifts

Guests will also walk away with a cd of all our wedding songs. (A friend of mine did this at her wedding and it is one of the BEST cd’s I own. I just loved the idea so I “borrowed” it.)

welcome bag gifts

I feel like our guests are totally getting spoiled, and I love it. I think the favors are a great way to thank everyone for traveling and making our special day a priority. I mean, just look at this loot…

welcome bag gifts Are any of you brides including favors? I must admit it would be an easy thing to save money on my skipping or downsizing. What are your lucky guests walking away with?

welcome bag gifts

Taylor Barnhill

is a bride blogger who got married in 2011. You can read her wedding planning posts here.