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Wedding Inspiration: Groomsmen Attire

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I don’t know about y’all, but my girlfriends and I have complained often about how difficult it is to choose what the women should wear for mostly every occasion. My fiancé’s methods for packing are very different from mine, because he does not even have to consider packing clothing items like leggings, skirts, dresses, jewelry, flats, heels, etc. Guys just have it so easy!

However, it seems that in a wedding, choosing clothing for the men in our wedding is more difficult than the women! I am (trying to be) a simple, laid back bride, so I’m letting my bridesmaids choose their own dresses and shoes within the parameters I’ve given them. Different shades of green dresses with nude/taupe/brown flats: easy! Although there are a number of options for the attire of a bride, I knew I wanted a white-ish dress so that decision was already made!

Traditionally, guys wear tuxedos for weddings, but there are more and more options and styles that people choose to go with. Here in Texas, it isn’t uncommon for a groom to wear anything from jeans and boots to their wedding to a black tuxedo to everything in-between! In order to determine what the groomsmen should wear, we first decided on Brady’s attire. We went with a grey suit and decided that we liked the bow-tie trend. Here’s the idea of what we want for him to wear:


We want to keep things casual and affordable for those in our wedding party, so for groomsmen attire we’re looking at dark pants for the guys, white shirts, and we plan to gift them with bow ties and possibly suspenders. Choosing the color of the pants, shirts, bow ties, shoes, and suspenders is more difficult than we had initially thought, but it’s fun to look and see all of the different options out there.


It’s totally a trend right now, and we really like it!

We are also considering nixing boutonnieres because it would bring down the cost of flowers. So far, we haven’t come to a decision but the guys will be dressed very similarly so it may not be a necessary identifier. I wonder if the guys would even notice not having them?


What styles do you like for the men in the wedding party?  Do you like the less-traditional styles?

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