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Getting Inspired to Plan Your Wedding

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Laura W

Hello fellow brides-to-be! I am so excited to be writing my first post for The Budget Savvy Bride. My name is Laura (W.), and I’ll start by telling you a little bit about where I am in the wedding planning process. I’ve been engaged to my fiancé Josh for almost 9 months now. We both wanted a longer engagement, and when discussing the date (the worst part so far), I couldn’t fathom planning a wedding in 8 months and staying sane. I know it can be done, but it just wasn’t for me. I’ve always loved the idea of a spring wedding, so we are planning for April.

I want my first post to be about becoming wedding inspired. This is definitely a great place to start when planning your wedding… you always see it being your first “task” in those gazillion wedding planning checklists.

Fortunately for us, I think most women have a pretty good idea of what they want for their wedding… popular culture’s gift to us I suppose! I’ve tried to come up with a definitive list of things every bride-to-be should consider before diving into it all.

Tips for Getting Wedding Inspired

1. Be Who You Are.

We often hear people say, “This is your day!” And I fully believe that. It’s important to know what you and your partner both want the overall picture to be. I encourage you to think about who you are as a couple and how you can show that through the various elements of your wedding. Staying true to who you both are will help everything else fall into place.


2. Color Me Happy.

Your wedding colors are an important detail, and you can show color almost anywhere. But wedding colors can be complicated… even narrowing it down to a specific hue is a challenge (because there’s a difference between fuschia and magenta).

Confused about wedding colors? I would suggest going to TheKnot.com and looking through their articles on color combos. And of course, there are tons of pins on Pinterest you can be inspired by… paint swatches, home decor, etc. So start Internet surfing, ladies!


3. Save the Date.

The date of your wedding is an important detail. If you’re a stickler for the sentimental, think about dates that are important to you- maybe it’s the day you met or the day you started dating, and see how those dates fall. If you couldn’t care less, think about the season you’d like to marry. I’m also going to point you back to TheKnot.com where they make a list of dates to watch out for in a given year.

Also, your colors may influence what date you decide on or vice versa. In choosing a date, it’s also important to think about your venue and whether you want your wedding indoors or outdoors (more on this later). The date also influences your budget (i.e. using roses for a wedding on Valentine’s Day).


4. Size matters.

The size of the guest list may just be the most important detail. It affects your choice of venue and/or caterer and in turn, your budget. Basically: the more people, the more money. One question to ask yourself is: Do I need to know every person who is attending my wedding? Another is: Am I okay with my parents and/or in-laws inviting people they’d like there?

As you begin the process of wedding planning, I suggest having an estimate in mind. For example, telling myself I had room for about 100 people helped me decide who was the most important and left me room for those I thought I may ask later (making room for those new friends I may find in my new city!)


5. Inside, Outside?

As mentioned above, indoors or outdoors is something you’ll need to think about to channel your inspiration. If you’re dreaming of a Christmas wedding, it may not be the best idea to have an outdoor reception (obviously). This detail can influence how everything else goes…so just have an idea of what you’d both like.

Every couple is different, and wedding planning can seem like a lot to take on so quickly. But hopefully thinking and talking about these five things will help you get wedding inspired! I hope these points give you some perspective and enable you to dive into this new adventure!


What are other things you think a couple should consider in order to get wedding inspired?



Laura W

is a school counselor living in Hendersonville, North Carolina. She got married in 2014. You can read her wedding planning posts here.