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Being part of a wedding party is more than just walking down the aisle and standing at the front of the church. The people you choose to stand up with you are usually the closest family or friends that you have, and have shown their support for you both over the time you have been together. No matter how much or how little help they are during the planning process, showing your appreciation for being part of your life and supporting you on your special day is very important. For me, I really wanted to make the gifts personal and practical.

I ordered each girl a personalized hanger, which they can use the day of, and in the future.

wedding party giftsI am also going to pick out a special set of bangles for each girl to match their dresses. I thought it'd be a great way to tie in some Indian flare and add some sparkle (and who doesn't love some new jewelry?)

wedding party giftsAnother great way to personalize the jewelry.

wedding party giftsThe guys will be getting a silver plated Zippo lighter with their initials engraved in it, along with a thick cigar. I love the idea of them all lounging around at the reception enjoying the night. I am not trying to endorse smoking, but I know men like to enjoy a good cigar to celebrate special occasions, so we thought we'd take care of that for them.

wedding party gifts zippoWhat are you doing to celebrate your wedding party? What special gifts do you have picked out for them?

All photos via Pinterest

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Leah is a Toronto Bride planning her Spring 2012 wedding with a $20,000 budget. She is looking forward to marrying her sweetheart of 7.5 years and moving to the big city. She loves fashion, has a slight obsession with organization, and loves spending time with her family.

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  • Ashley

    Leah, please share where you got the clothes hangers and the initialed pearl necklaces. Those are fab!

  • Not this particular hanger, but the ones that I bought were through this etsy shop:
    I believe the pearl necklaces are from etsy as well but I don’t know the shop name, Sorry.

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