Wedding Planning on the Go

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It's that time again — we've reached that time of the month where I share my wedding and tech related finds and advice, in partnership with my friends at Verizon Wireless! And boy, do I have some great news for y'all this month. 😉

I got married almost 7 years ago, so the world of wedding planning (and well, really the world in general) has changed so much in these past 7 years. Technology is ever improving and it feels as if every day there's a new tech gizmo or gadget to try out (which I love — nerd alert!) Luckily for couples getting married now, those technological advances spill over into all aspects of your life, including wedding planning.

multi platform usage for Microsoft Apps

That's why I was super excited to learn about the suite of products from Microsoft that are totally compatible with your smartphone. These apps and programs keep you connected on the go, and are perfect for sharing and storing your wedding plans along the way! Whether you're on an Android or Apple device, you can access the entire line of Microsoft Apps to keep you connected and planning your wedding! Whether you're at home using your Verizon Fios internet or on the go with Verizon Wireless, you can sync all your data within the Microsoft apps on all your devices. Pretty sweet, eh?

wedding planning on the go

There are so many ways to plan your wedding using Microsoft products like Excel, Word, as well as the Band and Cortana, but my favorite Microsoft App is OneNote! It's alot like Evernote, but free and with more functionality. Use the new (free!) OneNote Wedding Planner to organize all your wedding planning documents, information, contracts and more. You can even invite your bridesmaids, your mom, or your wedding planner to collaborate on the document with you and it syncs across all your devices, from your desktop to your mobile phone if you download the (free) OneNote app! This free wedding planning doc has so many resources that you can totally skip purchasing a printed wedding planner and go digital for your wedding plans. OneNote allows you to pull all sorts of media together, from photo inspiration for your wedding day to spreadsheets with contact info, timelines, budgets and more, all in one place!

onenote wedding planner doc

Download OneNote for Android | Apple  | Windows

The Microsoft Band is a wellness tracker that can help you get healthy and manage your life at the same time. Not only does it have a continuous heart rate monitor that tracks heart rate, calorie burn and sleep quality, but you can also use it to track your activity for running, biking and more. The Band also has alerts for emails, text, calendars and calls along with a GPS, so it's way more than your typical fitness tracker. If you want to take your Microsoft experience to the next level, you should check out the Microsoft Lumia 735 available at Verizon Wireless to pair with your Band. I'm using these Microsoft Apps with both my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and the iPhone 6s!


And, of course, whether you're going about your daily life or planning your wedding on-the-go, you'll want to make sure you have a reliable mobile service to keep you connected for all of life's moments. Better Matters, that's why I use Verizon Wireless!


This post was created in partnership with Verizon Wireless. As a Verizon Influencer, I receive a free line of service and mobile device from Verizon in exchange for my honest reviews and experiences with the products. All opinions are my own!

Editor's note: Due to the pandemic, some of the general wedding planning advice we share may not be applicable or possible due to restrictions on events. Please adhere to all current regulations and stay safe and healthy! Get more resources for planning a pandemic wedding here

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