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Do you ever feel like that picture above? Like there is just so much information about weddings and so many lists and organizers and things to do??

Wedding coordinators are available to help with weddings, from the beginning of being engaged, to the wedding, even to cleaning up at the end. There is no right or wrong way to plan a wedding, I have friends who use a wedding planner for everything and others who choose not to have one at all. All of the weddings have turned out well as a beautiful celebration of the couple's love, so it's not an essential “must” or “must not” on the long list of wedding things.

I never wanted a wedding planner to come in and put everything together for me, between all of the internet resources and the help of my friends and family I never felt that I needed more help. One of the things I enjoyed most about college was getting to plan and implement events, this is just a much larger and more memorable event than most of the ones I helped with as a part of the student activities team at my university. Another reason was that we do not have room in our budget to have a planner organize all aspects of our wedding!!

After some thinking and talking with my married friends, I looked more into the benefits of having a coordinator for the day-of wedding activities. This can be a life-saver for couples who want some help without breaking the bank!! Between having a morning wedding and hoping to enjoy our wedding day as stress-free as possible, and with a little wiggle room in our budget we decided that we wanted some help! The wedding and reception venue we are using provides a day-of coordinator for an additional fee. One of my friends utilized the skills of a family member, which we thought about. However, a married couple who also happens to be some of our good friends offered to help plan or coordinate if we needed!

I'm excited to have them help and make sure that nothing is forgotten, that the day-of schedule stays (reasonably/semi) on time! Although I am doing most of the pre-wedding planning myself, with help from Brady and my parents, it is so nice to know that I can hand it all over to them on that day and I won't have to worry! It will also be another good way to involve a couple more people in our wedding who we care about that we would not otherwise have had in our wedding!

What has your experience been using a wedding planner, day-of coordinator, or none at all?!


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About Lydia

I'm Lydia, a very recent graduate working part time in retail and interning, spending the rest of my time applying for full-time positions and having adventures in west Texas. My wonderful fiance proposed at the end of October and we are thrilled to be getting married on May 2! We are working on creating a fun, laid back, classic, relaxed morning wedding followed by a brunch reception, and I am excited to share and engage with all of you!

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  • nnbray34

    Love this post and couldn’t agree more! We are using a good friend to help with the day-of. She does it as a part-time thing on the side and is asking for almost no money compared to other planners in our area.

    • Lydia14

      It’ll be so nice to have someone you trust helping you, especially since she has experience! It’ll make the wedding day so much more relaxing 🙂

  • Leslie Burns

    I’m about 5 months out from my wedding and I’m looking for a day of coordinator. I’m fine with planning everything because I’m organized and decisive but I absolutely want some to handle everything the day of so I’m not running around like a crazy person. I’ve had a few friends offer to help so that’s an option.

    • Lydia14

      The best way that I’ve found for finding people is just talking with people you know. If you’ve had friends who have gotten married you can ask them what resources they know of, or asking people who you know are organized and calm if they’d like to help can also be a good way to find the right person to help you.

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