Wedding Programs… Get Your Programs!

It is getting so close to wedding day (less than 20 days away now) and I had one last DIY project before I hung up my scissors. I decided to make our wedding programs!

Remember when I took on the giant task of making our save the dates?

Wedding save the dates

As much as I loved the project, I knew I wanted something less time consuming, but still equally “us”. So I turned to my old buddy Martha (Stewart for you non-DIYers) for inspiration. On her website I found TONS of programs that I loved and knew I could easily make. I picked the bow programs because I could use my wedding colors and print them myself.

Wedding Programs

Honestly the most difficult part was formatting and lining up the four columns. After printing them out…

Wedding Programs

I cut them in half.

Wedding Programs

Then I took the middle part of my bow…

Wedding Programs

wrapped it around my program and taped it up.

Wedding Programs

Easy peasy! I literally made all 200 of them in two nights.

Wedding Programs

Since this is all about budget-savvy-ness… all of these programs cost me a whopping $15. I got my packs of paper on sale and I had a TON of leftovers which I will for sure use for scrapbooking and making thank you cards. I would definitely urge anyone who has the patience to make your own programs because I really felt like it was a nice relaxing project before the final stretch to the big day.


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