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Wedding Reception Inspiration

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Now that y’all have found out a bit about my bizarre need to organize and you’ve also been party to my ideas for The Boy and my wedding ceremony – it’s time for you see my reception mood board (cue the choir of angels…)!

Remember that we’re getting married at our house in the Texas Hill Country (it’s on three acres so we’ve got plenty of room) under this collection of oak trees:

Wedding Reception Inspiration

(P.S. How many Anne of Green Gables fans out there? Remember how Diana and Anne had a circle of trees that they played under and they called them the fairy ring? How fairy ring are those trees???)

Aaaaand, *drum roll please* Here’s our wedding reception inspiration board:

Wedding Reception Inspiration

Images Courtesy of: From The Kitchen of Olivia, Elizabeth Ann Designs, Oh Happy Day, Martha Stewart Weddings, and Martha Stewart

The big inspiration for The Boy and my wedding reception are the picnics that I enjoyed at my grandparent’s house in Eagle River, Alaska during my childhood. Generally, these were done on a Sunday afternoon with all of us still in our “church clothes.”  My (raised in a super proper upper-middleclass New England family) grandma would bring out the good serving pieces and make the “fancy food” – just regular picnic fare but classed-up with nicer ingredients and a lovely presentation. Everyone would hang out on the picnic tables outside and eat off the nice dishes while we kids played lawn games and turned cartwheels. I adore these memories of an easy but lovely meal. THAT’S the party I want for my wedding reception.

So, we’re going for a relaxed but upscale picnic feel – the menu is fried chicken, beer, lemonade, a salad bar, a sandwich bar, and a dessert table. The Boy and a good friend are making (yes, making) all the tables for the reception out of pallets from his work. There’s going to be lots of games and activities for our guests to do. The centerpieces will be deconstructed bouquets in old jars and tin cans. The music will be fun and the atmosphere light.

So, how about it, y’all? What do you think of my reception plans and inspiration? Are any of you planning on hosting an at-home wedding reception? How are you tackling the whole thing? Tell me your plans and let’s exchange ideas!

Wedding Reception Inspiration

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