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I have a confession to make. Yesterday, I wore these all day. All 3 of my wedding ring and bands. When I got home E laughed at me and then told me that wasn't allowed. 🙂

Then I asked him if he wanted to elope. He laughed in my face again. I explained to him that I'm just really ready to be his wife and I just wanted to see what it felt like.

I know that the rings aren't what make me married to him. My heart is already there, our lives are already there. The only thing missing is the legal and religious ceremony to make it real.

I'm just ready.

7 months from tomorrow, I will marry my best friend.

*PS- I wore the rings because I was taking them to get cleaned and inspected like E asked me to! I just didn't want to carry them around in a box in my purse- I figured they were safer on my finger. 😉
wedding ring and bands

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  • brittany

    the link doesn’t work! I want to see them!

  • brittany

    Thanks for fixing it, they are beautiful!

  • AmyJean

    That is so cute. and the ring set is gorgeous!

  • It’s so hard waiting isn’t it!

  • I totally understand. I just picked out my wedding rings last Saturday and can not wait to wear them. You know I felt the same way, but you know time is passing fast and it will past fast for you. It will be here before you know it.

    PS I like your set. It is really pretty.

  • I wore my wedding ring all morning when I worked form home again last week. I can’t wait either!

  • hahaha you are funny. I totally know what you mean… just wait it out, 7 months is nothing! Gorgeous ring set by the way!

  • You are too cute! I felt that way (and tried on my wedding ring secretly) many times in the months leading up to the wedding! Enjoy being engaged, it will fly by faster then you think!

  • Cyd

    Gosh, I am loving your rings! Do you have a picture of your engagement ring from the side? I am wondering if it’s enough like mine that I could rock two beautiful bands like that, too!

  • The Pissed Off Bride

    Pretty rings! I’d wear them too.

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