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Wedding Stationery Using Online Print Services

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I am a stationery junkie. Journals, notecards, planners… I have way more notebooks than a sane person needs. For my wedding, I would’ve loved to do linen invitations with a gold foil letterpress and fancy typography. However, I knew that our stationery was going to be very low on the budget totem pole. So low, that even wonderful sites like Minted and Wedding Paper Divas were beyond my grasp. Therefore, I ended up using VistaPrint for my Save the Dates and Zazzle for our invitations.

My experience using these sites has been very positive. They’re both inexpensive while providing quality paper goods. Plus, they almost always have some kind of sale or coupon code. 🙂

My STDs cost around $20 for 50 postcards. Choosing to do postcards is an easy way to save some dollars. You don’t need envelopes and the stamps are only $0.34. I ended up designing my own and then having them printed by VistaPrint. I was very pleased with how they turned out!


My invitations cost $51 and included envelopes. I did have to purchase additional envelopes because I wanted to do the whole inner and outer thing. However, you could easily skip that step if you desired. I used Zazzle for this because they had the perfect template that was designed by origamiprints. Instead of doing RSVP cards, direction cards, and that whole shebang, I decided to have my guests RSVP online. That way I was able to put everything on a “Guest Information” card (and I saved in stamps!). These cost $48 for 50. I was really pleased with how customizable the templates were. I was able to change everything from the font to the background color. I do wish that I had taken note of the color that I had used for my VistaPrint STDS and then made sure that the invitations matched, but I can be a bit obsessive over things like that.

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Overall, I’ve had a great experience using online print services for my wedding stationery. They got the job done and really fit my style. I would most definitely use them again! I’d love to hear how any of  you have used places like Zazzle and VistaPrint in your wedding!

Elisabeth Leach

is a full-time student, part-time retail peon, Anglophile, and vintage enthusiast, currently residing along the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. She planned an intimate, rustic wedding and you can see her wedding planning posts here.