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I am a sucker for infographics, and this is a super interesting one for us here at The Budget Savvy Bride. This infographic illustrates the results of the 2011 Real Weddings Survey. and surveyed nearly 20,000 US couples who married in 2011 to reveal the latest wedding budget and trend insights of the last year. Without further ado… check it out, y'all!



Pretty interesting, isn't it? I have to say I have sticker shock over the price tag of the average wedding! I spent about a third of that on my big day!!

Where do you fall on the scale? Did you spend more or less than average in certain areas?

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  • Oops, I think the Knot and Wedding Channel has to get their stuff together! (or at least let us know how they figured out their total average cost). Because the individual category figures add up to WAY more than their total average wedding cost figure. In fact it adds up to nearly $8000 more than than their “total” figure and that doesn’t even include catering!

    Do you have the original link to the infographic? Just curious if they spell out their calculations a bit more …

    • Budget Savvy Bride

      Yes, that is strange, Melissa. I wonder if they took the individual category averages separately and then the total-cost-of-wedding average so that’s why they don’t match up? Either way, it seems very high to a budget bride like me 😉

      You can read the full report here:

      • Andrea

        I am working on a school project about the wedding industry. Similar reports are costing me 90. I can not find a link to the actual report. Would you happen to have it. It would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.

  • That makes me sick! I haven’t quite figured out the final cost for my wedding yet but adding things up quick in my head it will cost me less than half of that.

    • Budget Savvy Bride

      That means you’re Budget Savvy! 🙂 Truth be told, it makes me a little sick, too! Talk about sticker shock!!

  • This IS very interesting. Thanks for posting. It’s amazing how costs can differ from state to state too. What might take $27,000 in one state is considered “cheap” in others.

  • All the prices in Ireland are the same as above except in Euro.

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