Wedding Tunes

Back when we were growing up in small town Alberta, my sister, Amy & I were exposed to a great deal of non-typical music for the average small town Alberta girl through my dad’s vinyl/cassette tape collection and the independent radio my parents listened to. To this day, I thank them greatly for this exposure. My sister’s music palette has since become even further eclectic. Adam and I have asked her to prepare a wedding tunes playlist for the wedding. Her Fiance, PJ, a musician will provide his PA system for amplification.

We’ve given her free reign on the bulk of the song selections, but there are a few songs I definitely want to be featured at particular parts of the day. Adam & I are planning on walking down the aisle together. No disrespect at all to my father, but I’m just not into that epic buildup…and I’m really not the kind of gal that wants all eyes on me. [My dad is fine with this decision – he said he “gave me away” when he dropped me off in the town of Banff at the age of 18] Originally I had hoped that we could just all be hanging around sipping cocktails, the commissioner would announce it was time to get married and everyone would just gather around us. Several people have told me this won’t work. So we’ve decided to walk in together. I think it’s only fair that 1/2 the eyes be on Adam too. The song we’ve picked for our unconventional processional is Home – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.

Next, we’ve opted out of the bridal party tradition. GASP! This means we don’t have official witnesses. We’ve decided instead to have each of our guests fill out a little form upon arrival to “win” the chance to be our witnesses. I think this will add a bit of a fun, lighthearted element to the ceremony and also give everyone the impression that each person in attendance is important enough to fill this role. I think that the perfect song for this part of the ceremony while we’re drawing names is All My Friends – LCD Soundsystem – it’s got a really epic buildup [since they’re missing this with the bride walking down the aisle!] and the simple fact that the title is perfect.

Lastly, we need a fun and rocking song to wrap things up. Do the Whirlwind – Architecture in Helsinki was kind of “our song” during the first stages of our courtship. There’s a line that says: “your folks told me you should be left alone on a mountain top.”  Much of our relationship has been spent on top of or en route to the top of a mountain. This song will play as we walk back down the aisle…over the to keg!

I don’t really have a have a solid photo to include with this post…so I’ll share a few snapshots of us up on a bunch of really great mountaintops!

Wedding Tunes

Wedding Tunes

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