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I remember feeling a huge sigh of relief after I finally said “YES” to the dress at the bridal salon last fall. This feeling of relaxation was quickly replaced with a feeling of panic as the lady at the salon placed a veil atop my head.

OH YEAH, THE VEIL. How could I forget? I left that day without purchasing a veil because I couldn't wrap my mind around another component to my outfit just yet. The veil that adorned my head on that momentous day looked something like this:

Wedding Veils{source}

After some later contemplation I realized that this look was not the look for me. My fiance and I were envisioning something quirky and whimsical for our casual outdoor ceremony, so this veil didn’t really fit with what we were picturing. My fiance also decided he was forgoing the traditional tux and sticking with a simple vest/trouser combo, so a veil would have looked a little formal and out of place next to him.

My next idea was a shortened version of the traditional veil, the full birdcage style. I was set on this one for the longest time. I loved the casual but elegant look of the birdcage veil and I also loved the retro feel it added to my entire look. It seemed perfect for our outdoor fete and it was spoke to me for the look I was going for. I had my heart set on a particular one I found on Etsy, and I was almost ready to fork over the $80 for something I was pretty sure I could probably make at my kitchen table.

Wedding Veils{source}

Before I purchased anything I went for my first fitting and I told the attendants that I was skipping the long veil and had my heart set on a birdcage style to complete my look. As they were pinning me here and there, they came up with a birdcage veil that I could try on with my dress before I made the final decision. While the veil wasn’t an exact replica of what I was planning on purchasing, it had the same idea and looked something like this:

Wedding Veils


I hated it.

I was heartbroken when I left my fitting, but I quickly accepted that maybe wedding veils weren’t for me. When I was standing in front of the mirror with the veil on I realized that I hated having something over my face! I hated feeling claustrophobic behind all that netting and didn’t love feeling like I was going to walk to the end of the aisle and surprise my husband-to-be with what was behind that veil. After I accepted my wedding day would seriously be lacking in the veil department, I decided to jazz up my hair with an equally elegant accessory. I found this flower clip online and I am thrilled with my purchase and my decision!

no Wedding Veils


Beautiful right? What about you guys, are you going with a veil? Or something less traditional?

Wedding Veils

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  • Ashley

    I've been wrestling with this too! My consultant at the bridal store put a veil on me and I loved it and it felt so bridal, but it was WAY out of our price range. Also, we're having a more casual outdoor ceremony (a bit – the groom still wants tuxes because he gets excited about dressing up, which I'm not sure fits in with everything, but we'll see). I think I'm going to do something similar to you – a flower clip/barrette/comb, or a comb one of my bridesmaids offered from her wedding that is made of beautiful crystals and so pretty. I think unusual is the way to go! 🙂

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