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Wedding Videography for Less

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Wedding Videography for Less

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Planning a wedding quickly becomes overwhelming, because there are so many things that cost so much. Our big three items: food, venue, and photography, all make up a large portion of our expenses, so when we thought about videography I wasn’t sure what to do. How do we get wedding videography for less when the minimum for videography in my area is $1000? It could have fit in our budget, however, videography isn’t enough of a priority for us to pay that kind of money for it, so we looked to other options.

Brady and I still at the very least want a video of the actual wedding ceremony to keep and show our family in the future. We would also like some video of the reception, although that isn’t a “must”. So we turned to our friends and family for some help.

We sent out an email to some close relatives who we thought may have some resources. My uncle has a good camera, and a cousin has a couple more cameras and a tripod. They both said that they would love to help, and have no problem filming on that day. I know someone that has a video editing program that I am very familiar with on their computer, and they said that I am welcome to edit my video with it.

We plan to give gift cards to those who will be filming for the wedding, and we are so excited to still have a wedding video without the cost of it being professionally done! Editing will take a lot of long and tedious hours, but I would rather work on that for a week than have to spend another couple thousand dollars. The quality will be a bit lower than professional and it will take work, but that’s what being budget-savvy is all about!

What other resources have you turned to in order to save? Have you had to compromise quality in favor of keeping within your budget?

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