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Ask Jessica: Wedding Website Examples


Dear Jessica…

One of our friends recommended my fiancé and I make a wedding website to share the news about our big day. But I don't know anything about technology. Can you recommend any wedding website examples?

-Lara in Kentucky

Hi Lara,

Thanks for the question! Nowadays, it's more popular than ever to create a wedding website to help inform your guests about wedding events and details. I've rounded up some of my favorite wedding website examples from different places online that you could easily DIY yourself- even if you're technologically challenged!

Wedding Website Examples

These wedding websites I want to share with you are from Shutterfly. Wedding Paper Divas offers absolutely FREE wedding websites that are easily customizable to suit your needs.
Wedding Paper Divas offers FREE wedding website templates to match more than 40 of their bestselling Shutterfly. This means that you can easily create an ad-free personal wedding website complete with online RSVP capabilities and more—and keep it FREE for one year! Choose your favorite design and plug in your information – it's as easy as that! And if you love the design, you can order Shutterfly to match! How perfect, right?
Here's are some Wedding Paper Divas Wedding Website Examples:
wedding website example
wedding website examples
wedding website examples 2
wedding website examples 3
As you can see on the wedding website examples, there are a few standard pieces of information that is often included, such as:
        • Your engagement story
        • Your Wedding date
        • Wedding Details
        • Accommodations
        • Directions
        • Registry Info
        • Guestbook
        • RSVP entry
        • Photo Album
You can add whatever information you feel would be useful or valuable to your guests! Hope this has been helpful to you – check out Shutterfly for more wedding website examples and to create your own wedding website!

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