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When Max and I decided to have only a seven month engagement, we knew some of the traditional rules would have to be thrown out the window. Many traditions now days are much more relaxed when it comes to weddings but some keep people on track.

Being a graphic designer, I am very picky about the print and web presence we were going to portray. After searching through many different free hosted wedding websites, I decided I was going to pay for what I wanted. There are two things that might give you the thought that this was a non-budget savvy move. I will tell you just the opposite.

When having a green wedding, you have to look at the biggest ways you can save trees with the crazy amounts of paper weddings tend to have just to be thrown away and never thought of again and also all the CO2 from the travel of the delivery trucks to both ship the invites to you and to your guests. This made me want to have a mostly digital affair. I figure cost of a really nice wedding website would save me the hassle of wondering my carbon offset just to make my invites ok. If you are curious what carbon offsetting is, it is basically how much it will actually cost in dollars to correct the amount of CO2 you personally will be omitting. My projected cost for my wedding since I'm having it in a centralized location of all my guests (and yes, that was on purpose) is 3.9 tons of CO2 gas at a cost of $54.97. If you have a lot of guests traveling from far away, that number will skyrocket. I challenge you to figure out what your wedding will cost the planet.

So back to websites.

I ended up choosing a newer company called Wedding JoJo. Their websites were fun and modern, totally customizable and the monthly fee was relatively low. I loved the way I can upload unlimited photo albums and can really let me guests know everything before they arrive. The online RSVP responses, were the biggest selling point though. That would also cut down on my CO2 emissions and headaches with return envelopes and stamps. With the website, you also get a custom domain name which I loved. Also, if I wasn't sure how my wedding decor and feel was going to be, I could always go back and change it later.

Monthly cost $14.99 and having it for seven months would bring us to $135. All money that was coming out of my invite and stationary budget. I think, money well spent. They also have a free version of their websites but with many less options, if you are looking just for a basic wedding website though, they are perfect.

I really think ours turned out great! I could just be biased though.

Green Measures Taken:

1. Less delivery travel, lower CO2
2. No paper, saves trees

Current Budget Breakdown
Total Budget $10,000
Item Cost
Venue for Ceremony and Reception $1200
Photography – Complete $600
DJ & LED Lighting $500
Invites & Stationary – Website $135
Total Budget Left $7565


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  • Great website for weddings! I love the design

  • Good on you for going green 🙂 Im interested to know what some of these free wedding websites are like. im also curious as to why they are free and if they stick a load of ads on the site. hmmm. Anyway, yes a wedding website is very useful too for planning a wedding but it also needs beauty, as well as functionality. Many wedding website builders i have seen so far have the functionality but have absolutely no aesthetic beauty what-so-ever. Anyway, hope it all went well 🙂

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