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So I just realized that pretty much all my post titles end with an ellipsis… HAHA! Everything seems to have a dot dot dot attached in my life these days.

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Jessica is the creator of The Budget Savvy Bride; she launched the site in May of 2008, shortly after becoming engaged. Jessica has been recognized as a budget wedding expert by various media outlets and continues to share realistic inspiration and actionable tips to help brides save money on their weddings. Google

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  • Love that you are registering at Target, my favorite store ever… I can’t since we live in Canada, but we’re very close to the US border, go the US often, and a Target visit is a must every time. I’ve been to Targets all over the country, from Bangor, ME to San Diego, CA! I love the cheap yet stylish aesthetic to the store. That’s what I’m (or try to be) all about! And I think you should go with what you KNOW you need (a grill is a fantastic idea!) and not what people think you should need (who says china is necessary?).

    Even though you say you’re not a cook, I would still suggest you check about registering for a Kitchen Aid stand mixer though. They’re the ultimate kitchen accessory even if you don’t use it that often, just look amazing and last a lifetime. I like to think I’m quite a cook and baker, but even if these days I hardly have time for anything, I still couldn’t do without it. Even muffin or pancake mix taste better when you use it! I paid for it myself though, so I’m just thinking it would be nice to receive it as a gift.

    Just a little funny cultural difference, but here in Quebec no one ever registers. I have been to one wedding where there was a registry, but they were people from the US. What people do is just write you a check, which I know is considered somewhat inappropriate in the US, but just the completely normal thing here. I would actually prefer to register, how amazing would it be to receive all of those great presents you chose yourself?

  • Guilty Secret

    Have a great time registering and enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂

  • Whitney

    I love Target too! I go in for one thing and come out with 10 🙂

    I think your registry choices are perfect. If I had known what I know now I would only have registered for things I really wanted or needed and would not have matched the quantity of items to my guest list and beyond. If your guests selections are limited you are more likely to receive everything off your registry. There are always people who always give gift cards or cash, or a surprise gift 🙂

    I registered for things that I thought we could purchase later with the discounts. Well, Target’s discount is 10% off and only lasts about 3 months. Personally I don’t think that is enough time, and really 10% basically just knocks the tax off. At BBB they give you either 10-15% off but why would you do that when you can collect 20% off coupons and use them whenever you want.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your “bloggity blog” ever since you blogged about my wedding. You have inspired me to start one of my own. I hope to start blogging everyday very soon. Thank you!

    Happy Friday!

  • You might consider also registering at a place like Pottery Barn, or Crate and Barrel, or Macy’s – someplace that has furniture. Like you said, a bed and mattress are big ticket items, BUT you get a % off whatever’s left in your registry after your wedding, so it’s like a personal sale. Plus, many people will buy you gift cards, and you can use those towards your big ticket item!

    We registered for a coffee table at Crate and Barrel, and I’ve told my friends that if they get us a gift card, that’s what it’s going for. It’s kind of nice to be able to show them what we’ll spend their gift card on!

    Have a great weekend! 🙂

  • HA! I totally saw that Old School quote coming and I was just hoping you would bust it out! Well done!
    I’m excited about Pineapple Express too, for some reason I’ve heard mixed reviews. But those people were kinda dumb anyway….

    hope all is well! keep up the awesome blogging. I’m a bit behind myself.

  • No! You are not weird for thinking that about James Franco! I think so too! Have you watched Freaks & Geeks? That’s his best role if you like him dirty and high.. 😉

  • registering is the most fun thing ever!!! i loved it– and the sooner you register, the sooner the gifts start arriving at your door!

  • Jessica

    We haven’t registered yet, but Target and BB&B is where we’ll be heading as well. And maybe Pottery Barn, if anyone really wants to splurge on us, haha.

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