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Happy Monday everyone! Please forgive the delay on my part in announcing our brand spankin' new absolutely FABULOUS guest bloggers! These ladies will all be sharing their wedding planning process with you over the next several months! Please give them a warm BSB welcome!!


guest bloggers

Laura + Geoff

North Carolina – Fall 2012

Budget: $7,500



guest bloggers

Joscelyn + Nate

Pennsylvania – Fall 2012

Budget: $13,000


guest bloggers

Danielle + Dan

Canada – Summer 2012

Budget: $13,000


guest bloggers

Dan Erin + Nick

Maryland – Fall 2012

Budget: $12,000



guest bloggers

Maureen + Max

Wisconsin – Fall 2012

Budget: $10,000


guest bloggers

Amanda + Taylor

California – Fall 2012

Budget: $13,000

They will be posting their introduction posts with more info about their big day, inspiration, and backgrounds over the next several weeks so GET EXCITED!! Can't wait to follow another group of gals as they plan their budget savvy weddings!

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  • Shalonda

    I really really can’t wait to hear about Laura & Geoff who are getting married in the same state at the same time of year as I am. Especially with such a great budget!!!

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