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If you're new around here, WELCOME! Over the last several weeks we've seen lots of traffic here on BSB and that can only mean that a new wave of recently engaged brides have discovered our site! I thought I'd take the opportunity to give you a little tour around the blog and some different areas of interest! Over the next several weeks and months things around here will be updated, new features added, and more! If there's something that YOU want to see here on BSB, please feel free to leave us a comment with your requests!

jessica-bishop-editorI'd like to personally introduce myself— I am Jessica Bishop and I am the original Budget Savvy Bride. 🙂 I started this blog back in 2008 while planning my own budget savvy wedding! There weren't many resources out there for brides who still wanted to have a beautiful wedding while on a small budget, but BSB quickly became a go-to site for budget wedding inspiration! Check out all the pictures from our special day over on The Budget Savvy Bride Facebook page! After our wedding day was over, I had lots of requests to keep the blog going from brides looking to save money on their weddings. I felt a strong calling to continue to help the brides who were in my situation, so I've been running the site ever since! I decided to continue the tradition of this blog being authored by real budget brides by bringing on bride bloggers- we recruit a new set of brides every 6 months or so to share their own wedding planning experiences, DIY projects and more. I find that hearing about the good, the bad, and the ugly of wedding planning from other gals who are going through similar experiences is one of the most valuable ways to learn about planning a wedding. I am so thrilled to have this platform to help brides all over the US and beyond! I also pop in now and again to share some info about our fabulous sponsors – please note, I personally review each and every advertiser who supports our blog to make sure their product or service is relevant and helpful to our readers. From time to time we will also have giveaways for fun products that could be useful during your planning, on your wedding day or beyond! Because brides on a budget LOVE free stuff, right?? Obviously.

Here at The Budget Savvy Bride, we believe that your marriage is more important than your wedding. This makes up a big part of who we are, and a huge reason why we choose to be creative, thrifty, and wise when it comes to spending money on a wedding. We don't believe in accruing a mountain of debt over one day… we want you and your new hubby to start your life of married bliss in a financially responsible way. We've all heard the statistics about divorces, and one of the major contributing factors in an overwhelming number of failed marriages is MONEY. So our goal here at BSB is to help brides everywhere find ways to save money on their weddings! Take a look at our manifesto… this is how we describe ourselves, and what we think our brides and readers are like, too…


If you find yourself nodding your head and saying, “YES- that's me!” then you're in the right place, sister. 🙂 Some of our favorite features around here are our DIY projects, full of step-by-step tutorials to make lots of fun crafts or other items for your wedding day. And of course– what we are MOST famous for, sharing Real Weddings where you can browse by budget or location! Reading the personal experiences of the brides in our features and seeing their budget breakdowns is SO helpful because it gives you a real idea of what things can cost and where you can save!

I hope you'll enjoy browsing the site and decide to stay a while. Again, please feel free to leave us a message in the comments or shoot me an email with any suggestions, requests or ideas! Wishing you the best in your planning, wedding day, and beyond!!






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Jessica is the creator of The Budget Savvy Bride; she launched the site in May of 2008, shortly after becoming engaged. Jessica has been recognized as a budget wedding expert by various media outlets and continues to share realistic inspiration and actionable tips to help brides save money on their weddings. Google

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