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What should we do with all this extra cash?
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Dane and I have been so blessed by how generous our friends and family have been. They have been showering us with gifts and money since we announced our engagement. I was truly shocked that they would send us checks and even a set of our china when we sent out our save the dates!

With both bridal showers complete (thanks mom and aunties!) we have been storing our gifts in our dining room. The dishes we have washed and put away (we really needed some that weren't plastic) but our new suitcases, bedding and other kitchen goods are stacked up and waiting to find a home in our home. I'm glad all of the thank you notes are out at least!

Also in the piles of wedding goodness are the various cards full of gift cards, cash and checks. OK, as I'm writing this I'm making a note to have Dane lock them up tonight. I don't know exactly how much we've received at this point, and we're not cashing any checks until we say “I do,” but I'm definitely thinking about how we should use this money.

About one year ago, we were socking all extra money from Christmas and birthdays away to our honeymoon fund. We're planning to spend eight days in the Bahamas about one month after the wedding. But now that I am confident we have the honeymoon costs covered, what should we do with the rest?

Here are my ideas:

Emergency Fund
We could add the money to our emergency fund. It's pretty substantial (Suze Orman would be proud) but we're likely going to be moving again in the next five years. It would be nice to have some extra cushion. Down side: the money will barely keep up with inflation in our savings account.

Invest It
We will want to build or buy a home at some point. We could invest the money so it can grow over time. But, do we want our money tied up for five years or more? If we invest it, we'll need to let it sit and grow as long as it can.

Spend And Save
Or, we could choose an item we didn't register for but would still like (we definitely need a new dining room table and chairs) and buy it with the money and put the rest in savings.

What are you doing with your wedding cash? Please share any ideas to help us decide what to do!


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Jillian, age 26, runs a weekly newspaper in a small town in Eastern Washington State. Her wedding date is set for Dec. 15, 2012 and loves the challenges and possible snow that comes with a winter wedding. While she's not running around reporting and hanging out with her family of newsies, she is reading, laughing, cuddling her kitty, dancing or sitting on her porch in the sunshine with her husband to be.

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  • May I gently suggest that you cash those checks? If someone gives you a check as a gift, it’s impolite not to cash it right away. You can sock the money away if you’d like, but as someone who is obsessive about balancing her checkbook, I can say that having an uncashed check out there is very frustrating. Just a suggestion! 🙂

  • Nicole

    I agree with Kristy – please despoit the checks. Personally, I’d hate to have a check outstanding for that long. My (future) FIL recently gave us a check and we’ll definitely be depositing it, and using the money to help cover wedding deposits. As for the question at hand, i’d save it. If you don’t already have a specific spending need identified, just hold on to it for a rainy day.

  • In these trying economic times, Wal-mart stock seems to be the only one that is consistently going up! I think if you do want to invest, but don’t really want your money *tied up*, just buy a bunch of Wal-mart stocks with the money you get. It’ll appreciate much faster than any savings account, and it’s almost guaranteed you’ll make more money after collecting it in a few months.

  • Anna

    My two cents regarding the comment above – Please don’t “just buy a bunch of Walmart stocks”. If you are going to invest, please do some research, and always diversify 🙂

  • Nina

    Agree with previous posters, please cash the checks ASAP. That is the right thing to do.

  • leah

    save, save, save!!! Put it into your 401K or Roth.

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