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What Happens in Vegas Doesn't Stay in Vegas

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In a survey of people who have gotten married in Las Vegas, it was found that a majority of them had engaged in some form of illicit behavior while there, such as cheating, visiting strip clubs, or gambling more than they had planned to.


We often hear that “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” but that’s not true, at least not anymore. Many women and men are now revealing the salacious details of what they get up to on girl and guy trips to Sin City. The results are eye-opening. 

The results of a recent survey from PlayUSA show that many Americans are having the time of their lives under the bright Vegas lights. However, they also do things they may regret in the future. 

Getting Wild in Vegas

The survey, done with over 1,000 respondents, reveals shocking details of what Vegas visitors get up to on their trips. Including drug use, making love with strangers, committing crimes, being robbed, and acting in wild ways they never would back home. 

When a group of friends goes to Vegas for a vacation, bachelorette party, or any other shindig, they want to get their money’s worth. When it comes to women and their wild times in Vegas, the sky certainly appears to be the limit. Whether they’re more introverted, extroverted, or just plain wanting to let loose, all types of women have a great time in Vegas. 

For many guys and gals, that means behaving inappropriately. 20% admitted popping pills, smoking drugs, getting intimate with strangers, gambling too much, and drinking heavily. However, only 17% of those who slept with a stranger regretted it, according to the survey. 

Why Do People Visit Sin City?

The top reason that people go to Vegas is for a vacation, and it’s especially common to go on a girls’ trip or a guys’ getaway. Celebrating a 21st birthday is a very popular reason to head to the bright lights of the strip, and so are bachelor and bachelorette parties. 

For many others, Vegas isn’t just about celebrating getting married, it’s about getting married, and 37% of the poll said they traveled to Vegas to go to a wedding or get married. That’s a lot of weddings and Elvis impersonator priests. Still, even with that kind of magic in the air, it’s often not to be, with 30% of those who marry in Vegas later divorcing. 

Perhaps part of the reason is cheating and visiting strip clubs, which 25% of respondents admitted to doing in Vegas. Cheating on your spouse or visiting an adult entertainment venue is the kind of thing that happens all the time in Vegas. This survey shows that it’s surprisingly common for people in marriages and relationships to head to Sin City and get naughty. It’s not particularly common for groups to choose Vegas as a destination if they’re looking for PG-rated activities for their trip. 

Ace in the Hole

Then, of course, let’s not forget gambling, an activity that 22% of respondents said was their main reason for visiting Vegas. They had plenty of fun. Nevertheless, Vegas is also called Lost Wages, with players spending an average of $487 gambling, with only 51% walking away with their money at the end of the trip. The number one game? Slots, followed by blackjack and poker. 

There’s a lot of money lost and won every day and night in Vegas, but 22% admitted they took out more money to gamble than they had planned. There’s no question that this survey shows how Vegas tends to tap into people’s impulsive side and often lets their desire for fun overrule their restraint.

Can You Keep a Secret?

Having Vegas being off-book and a time you can get wild without judgment also made its way into this survey. Indeed, while 84% of respondents said they did keep their and their friends’ secrets about Vegas hijinks, 13% did not. That’s a lot of secrets leaking out about what goes on in Vegas, and you can be sure it includes strip clubs, drugs, intimate encounters, gambling, and all other scandalous affairs. 

This survey has a lot of marketable and exciting insights about why people go to Vegas and what attracts different demographics to the city, such as young women, men, and families. There’s a whole constellation of individuals and groups who travel to Las Vegas, all for their unique reasons or even to play it by ear once they arrive. Everyone has a different reason to go to Vegas, but definite trends emerge, and it’s clear that Sin City earns every inch of its nickname. 

Take a look at the survey, which also includes Americans’ travel outlook for 2023 and what’s holding Americans back from traveling more. Looking at the details of behavior in Vegas and motivations for going there provides a fascinating glimpse at what’s on people’s minds when they decide to spend money or cut back on travel – as well as what they do on vacation when nobody’s around. 

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