What’s Your Favorite Favor?

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We decided on these lip balm favors for our guests as well as two other small treats to take home.

I'm kind of on the fence about wedding favors. When I have attended weddings in the past, the happy couple has given out Jordan Almonds in tiny bags, bubbles, candy and personalized champagne glasses. The best favor I ever received was a copy of a photobooth photo from a cousin's wedding two years ago. The photo arrived with the thank you note and my mom still has it on the fridge.

Sure wedding favors are a nice way to thank your guests for coming and likely bringing you a gift. But is anyone ever wowed by a favor? I looked online and the most common favor given is candy. Yum! And candy is cheap. A very expensive idea I found was to give every guest a bottle of wine with a personalized label. If we did this, assuming we had 75 people and we found good $8 bottles of wine, this would cost us $600 alone! Without even taking into account the labels! Hello. My wedding dress was $600! I love my guests, but that in my mind is too much for favors.

So for this gal who is very on the fence about having favors at all, actually has three things for guests to take home. How did that happen?

Vintage Hankies
One of the first things my mom and I talked about when I got engaged was the vintage hankies. She had attended a wedding a couple of year back and the bride had set out a basket filled with hankies for her guests' tears of joy. Mom thought this was so sweet and she still has that hankie. When my mom told me the story I could tell that she has been waiting for my wedding so we can do this. I immediately gave her the green light to begin collecting hankies. Between my mom, my mother-in-law and grandma's hankies, we have plenty for all of the guests who might need one.

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Photobooth Photos
Our second favor was easy for mom and I — taking after our cousins we wanted to have a fun photobooth. We were going to have my stepdad set it up with a laptop and printer but his work at the hospital has recently become more crazy than ever, so we opted to rent one through our wedding coordinator. The photos will come out immediately for guests in that cute film strip style.

Personalized Lip Balm
While playing with the idea of making a donation in honor of our guests to a charity for $100, I came across these cute lip balm favors online. I am a lip balm addict, especially in Eastern Washington State where the weather gets really cold and dry in the wintertime. It's just October and I can already feel my lips getting chapped. And Dear Fiance and my stepdad always have it in their pockets too. I looked at winter wedding favors at Beau-Coup and thought the snowflake design was perfect since it was gender neutral and cheap! Just $60 for 50 of them plus shipping. When I saw that these lip balms were even cheaper than our $100 donation, it was a go!

Are you choosing to give your guests favors? What did you choose?

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