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Where to Sit?

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Erin Zimmerman

When we were reviewing our reception setup with our site manager, she asked if we wanted to do a head table or sweetheart table. We kind of looked at eachother blankly because we hadn’t really thought about it. Eileen proceeded to show us photos of what the different setups would look like in the room. I’d been to weddings where they did both and I knew what I preferred as a bridesmaid because I’d like to sit with my date, but as a bride and groom I just wasn’t sure what to do.

sweetheart table
Image via Luster Studios (as seen on WeddingBee.com)

The sweetheart table is nice because you get a tiny bit of alone time with your new husband. But you’re also this very odd center of attention which is not really our forte! It’s still a nice idea and allows your bridal party to sit with their dates & family.

sweetheart table
Image via Arising Images (from WeddingBee.com)

The head table is another idea and usually seats the bridal party with the bride & groom. This was an idea that we didn’t like as much because one of the drawing features of our venue are the floor to ceiling windows that face the ocean. If we did the long head table, we would block most of that view for our guests and that wasn’t something that we wanted to do. We started bouncing around some other ideas and our site manager came up with a great compromise. She suggested that we use 2 of the table set for 10 and that could be the 4 bridesmaids on one side and their dates is 8 people and the 4 groomsmen and their dates would be 8 people and there would be 2 seats for both of us at each table. This way we could sit with both groups when we actually get a chance to sit, dinner with one group and cake with the other and they would also still get to sit with their dates and we wouldn’t be stuck being the center of attention. I thought this was a great idea and not something I had seen before nor would I have thought of.

sweetheart table
Image via WeddingBee.com

I’m really glad that we will get to sit with our bridal party and they will get to sit with their dates. I’m hoping this works as nicely the day of as it is working out in my head. Another bonus was not having to fill a large long table with several centerpieces or having to decorate another table all together if we had done the sweetheart table. I figure that saved us some dough!

Where will you be sitting at your wedding? How did you make your decision?


Erin Zimmerman

is a teacher living in Baltimore, MD. She got married 2012 in Ocean City, MD. You can read her wedding planning posts here.