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When it came to favors the fiance and I knew we didn’t really want to trot down the traditional path. We knew we wanted something unique and if possible something that represented us as a couple. As I’m sure everyone reading this blog is aware, that is a tall order for something being ordered in bulk cost effectively. We toyed around with a whole mess of different ideas, the favorites of which I will share with you now!

1. Cookie Mix Jars
I saw this idea and immediately fell in love. Basically it is a jar filled with the dry fixings to make delicious cookies! Instructions are included, and guests get a tasty treat for later. This is probably also a budget savvy favor because usually the dry baking ingredients are the cheapest!


2. Potted Seed Paper Plants
This idea is too adorable for words. Guests take the pots home and then plant the seed paper leaves in the soil. The paper disintegrates and the seeds from the paper are then implanted in the potted soil! You could even write a little note or thank you on the leaves.


3. Scrabble Magnets
My fiance and I LOVE to play scrabble, so when I saw this idea I was in love! The more I read into it, the more I realized the cost might get out of hand and the amount of work that would go into it might be more than I was willing to sacrifice. There are some places where you can order scrabble letters in bulk, but picking the words out for the magnets is where it gets a little tricky.


After much discussion we realized that the majority of our guests were coming from far away to attend our wedding. Given that most of our guests would be temporarily living out of their suitcases while in town, we figured that maybe a large or cumbersome favor was not the way to go, no matter how cute.

We finally settled on a completely different favor that more adequately fit the needs of our guests, Old Fashioned Stick Candy.



I saw this idea on a wedding blog out there, and was completely enamored by the budget savviness of the idea! Stick Candy comes in a variety of different colors [good for wedding color coordination] and is incredibly affordable. The fiance and I went to Cracker Barrel and ordered three different flavors per person with the plan of wrapping them up pretty when we get them!

Cost breakdown:
$0.10 per stick
x130 guests

I will even throw in a super generous $20 for wrapping material [raffia perhaps?], making the favor total for 130 guests finish off at $59. Not bad right?
Check back for updates on the completed favor later!


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  • peachyplum

    Cute idea! And so economical!

  • I do like the Scrabble Magnets and the plants. Guests could have so much fun with the magnets…maybe even make it a game.

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