White by Vera Wang Line for David’s Bridal

White by Vera Wangphotos from David’s Bridal website

Fashion week has blown into New York City once more, the magical white tents infusing the chilled Manhattan air with the hot, excited buzz unique to the chic event. The most delighted tittering this year isn’t ringing through the air outside the couture runway shows. Rather, you’ll find the audience with the broadest smiles on its face is that of the rosy-cheeked young brides, blushed with excitement at the launch of the White by Vera Wang line for David’s Bridal.

Budget Savvy Bride had the privilege to see the product firsthand and attend a Q&A with both Wang and Bob Huth, President and CEO of David’s Bridal, about the launch of this breathtaking collaboration.

The question on everyone’s mind: Does the White line stack up to Vera’s higher-end designs? Hear us now and hear us true- these gowns are unmistakably Vera Wang dresses; there is no sacrifice in quality, no detail that went overlooked in their design, materials or production. Investing in a wedding gown from the White line means buying a gown by Vera Wang, and all that that implies.

White by Vera Wang

From rich layered ruffles to pristine jewel accents and delicate lace overlays, the line offers a range of looks and silhouettes that has something for every bride – and any budget. The multifaceted selection and appeal of the gowns was no mistake. Vera acknowledged the diversity of her looks, stating that she designed with care and caution to make the inaugural line as accessible as possible for each and every bride.

White by Vera Wang

She also labored to ensure each look captured the energy and the magic brides expect on their wedding day. “I like to think there’s a certain youth,” Wang said of her line during the Q&A.  “In ballgowns and eveningwear, it’s a hard dichotomy to strike, to make it elegant and sensual while keeping it whimsical and young.”

White by Vera Wang

Shooting for her signature whimsy, Wang hit a bullseye with White. Ranging in price from $600-$1,400, the line will hit 150 doors with 12-20 bridal looks for the bride and additional dresses for all the women of the wedding party- including the flower girl!

Wang is also excited to be partnered with David’s Bridal. “It’s been wonderful to unveil ourselves and all the work we’ve done,” she smiled to the Q&A audience, nestled in a loft space in Chelsea. “I really couldnt think of a better partner for this line.”

Ever the savvy businesswoman, Wang is not looking to get ahead of herself. But she spoke positively and without reservation about what brides can expect down the line and in the future, exalting the speed and precision with which David’s has allowed her to introduce her work to this new market. When asked about what brides-to-be can expect in coming seasons, Wang smiled demurely and said with a gleam in her eye that we can look forward to “further exploration of the bridal vocabulary.”

With all we’ve seen and all that implies, the excitement around the launch of the line is incredibly well-founded. And budget savvy brides everywhere can now feel the magical charm that comes when they can answer inquiries about their bridal attire with the whimsical, glowing statement, “I’m wearing Vera.”


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Thanks Mallory for attending this fabulous event and representing BSB!

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