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There are many details to my upcoming wedding that are non-traditional. The biggest one would have to be the wedding party. But before I dive right in, I need to share a little back story…

Derek has always been the girl's best guy friend, and I have always been the guy's best girl friend. Of course we have best friends of the same sex, but we also have some very best friends of the opposite sex as well. (Maybe that's why we go together so well!)

When it came to choosing our wedding party, we came across a road block. Derek could have his groomsmen and I could have my bridesmaids, but then what would we do with our other friends? Sure I could ask my guy friends to be ushers, but where would that leave Derek's girl friends? They can't all do the guestbook or hand out programs.

Then we came up with the perfect plan… why not include everyone?!

So standing by my side will be my four best girl friends and my four best guy friends. And standing beside Derek will be the same. That way nobody gets left out and we have ALL our closest friends by our side on our big day.

Now that we have all that out of the way… I will now tell you how we asked them to be a part of our wedding party. Most of our wedding party live (or is it lives? I'm confusing myself)  in other states, so asking them face to face or hosting a get-together wasn't going to work for us. And since Derek and I both work in the news business, we decided to put our resources to good use. We made DVD messages for each person, asking them to be a part of our wedding (and explaining the guy/girl situation I talked about above).

wedding party

In case you haven't already noticed, I'm a little crafty and couldn't just send a plain old DVD. I had to jazz them up a bit (and I used our wedding colors).

wedding party

wedding party

We then sorted them all out and sent the “will you be…?'s” to our friends and waited for them to call!

wedding party

I love that not only was this a unique way to ask them to be a part of our wedding party, but it's a personalized message they can each keep and re-watch. Some of them were silly, filled with inside jokes, while others tugged at the heart-strings (and yes, I cried in some. I'm a crier).

So do you want to see a snippet of the video clip?

will you be intro

How are you brides-to-be asking friends to be in your wedding party? And do any of you have brides-men or grooms-maids? hahaha

wedding party

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  • Thea

    My fiance (also named Derek!) and I are in a similar pickle. My two best friends are male, and every lady I would've asked to be my bridesmaid lives quite far away. Also, most of them are just graduating college and trying to find jobs and I was afraid that even if I asked them and they accepted, they might have to back out in the end because of logistics or finances. Sure enough, two of the girls I wanted to ask have accepted positions in places that are at least 5hours away by plane. Even my sisters live too far away to get there more than a week before my wedding. So, I started thinking I wouldn't have anyone–it would just be me and my very best-est friend up there together. But, he wants his brothers and best friend to be by his side, so instead of asking my far-flung girlfriends, I asked my two best dudes. We're calling our wedding party the "Best Men." My sisters will be included in some capacity, but they now they don't have to buy matchy dresses they'd never wear again and this also cuts down on the amount of bouquets I need! This way works perfectly for us 🙂

  • That is such a great idea! Thank you for sharing!

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