I’m a (Wo)man of Wealth and Taste

Hey y'all, I'm Cris. Ten points if you got the Rolling Stones reference in the title (and yes, I AM old enough to remember some of their original hits thankyouverymuch).

I'm pretty stoked to be one of Budget Savvy Bride's newest bloggers and I just know you'll love me… I mean, let me introduce myself so that you get to know me (and love me… I'm just sayin').


Image Courtesy of: My Mom

I'm Cris and I'm a professional lazy person freelance graphic designer/website designer/social media consultant. I also run the (ahem) totally AWESOME wedding blog, Kiss My Tulle. I graduated with a degree in e-Commerce from the University of Phoenix just this year (I also have a degree in Web Design and a black belt in sarcasm). In my past lives, I have been a professional snowboarder, nanny, soft goods buyer, hotel clerk, preschool teacher, and pony poop picker-upper (the last of which allowed me to purchase a killer poncho – hey, it was 1991 and those were COOL!).

I am a native of Salcha, Alaska but now I live in San Antonio, Texas with my guy. The Boy (y'all will forgive me for protecting his privacy, right? I mean, if you knew how fab he is and his name? I'd have to carry around a big stick to beat you all away!) Currently, The Boy and I + a dog (Jill) and a cat (Caira) are busy remodeling our 1,200 square foot home (check out the progress on At No. 64) and hoping to still be on speaking terms when we're done.



I'm a big fan of french fries, 80's One-Hit Wonders, and any show involving serial killers. I am 33 years old, a whopping 5'5″, and have a huge girl crush on my hairstylist (Caramel highlights? Awesome!). I also love the Boston Red Sox and need the Internet like a WASP needs booze.

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The Boy

The Boy is a native Texan, retired Air Force veteran, and a big fan of fishing and hunting. He is 44, 5'10”, and has no boy crushes on anyone (though his love for Rachel Ray is a little disturbing). He also loves the Texas Rangers and needs Angry Birds like a frat boy needs a keg.


Image Courtesy of: Some Nice Lady Who Got My Camera Shoved In Her Face

We met in 2005 when The Boy rented a house from my parents and I was helping remodel it in time for him to move into it. Actually, he's known my family (he worked with my dad and they're close friends) for longer than I've known him! This past January, after livin' in sin for 5 years, we got engaged (that's right – I'm finally making an honest man out of him) and we're planning a May 2012 wedding in the Texas Hill Country!

Our wedding is going to be pretty simple. We have a strict budget of $7,500 and we're getting married with 125+ guests in our backyard (it's 3+ acres so stop rolling your eyes). Honestly, I haven't actually made a lot of concrete plans at this point and I'm still trying to figure out how the money will be divvied up. But I do know several things:

  • My dad will not be walking me down the aisle – he'll be performing the ceremony.
  • I could care less about my dress (so I would love it if that would stop being what everyone's asked me about!) and I refuse to pay more than $100 for it.
  • We're having A LOT of children in the wedding party (big families = many little people).
  • The photography will probably be our #1 biggest expense.
  • We're more excited to spend money on a fab honeymoon than on what is basically a one day party.


    El Nino and Cris-o

Anyhoodles, I'm pretty stoked to be here and I'm really excited to share my wedding planning with all of you over the next 7-ish months!


Editor's note: Due to the pandemic, some of the general wedding planning advice we share may not be applicable or possible due to restrictions on events. Please adhere to all current regulations and stay safe and healthy! Get more resources for planning a pandemic wedding here

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