Write the Vision, Make it Plain:
New Budget Savvy Bride Blogger Tiffany

I'm Tiffany. My awesome fiancé Keith asked me to marry him on February 8th, and of course I said YES. Keith and I both work for non-profits and we both live in our nation's capitol – Washington, DC. Planning a budget wedding in high-priced DC is no easy feat, so we had to get savvy! I'm so excited to be able share my wedding journey with other budget savvy brides.


The fantasy — coming home to a grand estate with crystal chandeliers and winding staircases; getting married surrounded by friends and family as they sip champagne in their gowns and tuxedos. The reality — I didn't grow up in a mansion with formal parlors and grand pianos, my family is working class, and they mistakenly neglected to set a hefty dowry for my wedding (there must have been a gas bill to pay instead) LOL. My reality, however, did not change my wedding fantasy. As fellow BSB blogger Bianca would say, I have champagne taste on a sparkling cider budget. A few weeks after my fiancé Keith proposed, we sat down for a six-hour wedding planning meeting. We concluded the meeting with several decisions:

  1. We would get married before the year ended
  2. We would have a formal evening wedding that included dinner and a complimentary bar
  3. We would not use credit cards to pay for any of our wedding
    • We have enough debt between our student loans and credit card balances
    • We have plans to attend graduate school in the near future
    • We are currently in the process of BUYING OUR FIRST HOME
  4. We would do this together! = TEAM TIFFANY & KEITH

We also completed three very important documents that have carried us through our entire wedding planning process:

  1. Our Wedding Theme/Style
  2. Our Wedding Budget
  3. Our Wedding Resource List

*I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that every bride flesh out these three areas before doing any wedding related shopping or making any wedding related purchases. Below, I'll share how we worked through developing our wedding theme/ style. I'll share more about our budget and resource list in the next post : )


As Keith and I thought through our wedding style, we asked some key questions:

What do you want the focus/ focal point of your wedding to be?

Keith and I immediately knew that we wanted “our love” to be the one and only focus. We've tried really hard and sacrificed a lot to carry our relationship in a way that was congruent with our faith and that others could be inspired by. And so we picked Epic Love – A love that people can appreciate, look up to, learn from; a legacy built to be remembered.

What do you want your wedding to feel like?

Keith and I agreed that we wanted a wedding that felt sophisticated, formal but comfortable, and very romantic. So we decided on an evening, black-tie preferred, adult-only ceremony with lots and lots of candle light and framed pictures of us to make the space ours.

How do you want your wedding to look?

I LOVE gold and I love all variations of white (ivory, cream, etc). And Keith didn't want any colors that were too feminine. So we picked a beautiful jewel and metallic color palette: Emerald Green, Gold (don't know why it looks yellow LOL) and Navy Blue (with Ivory accents).


We are really happy with the vision. And every time we have a difference of opinion when making wedding decisions, we are able to refer back to the vision. Feel free to check out my Pinterest Wedding Inspiration Board and stay tuned for my next post – All about the Benjamins: The Wedding Budget!

Cheers to Epic Love,

Tiffany Nicole

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