You’re Invited! Our Wedding Invitations

At the bottom of my priorities list was invitations. I love pretty letterpress invitations as much as the next person but I just felt spending lots on nice paper that would just be thrown out was not budget friendly or eco friendly for us. Although I almost caved when I saw Rifle paper companies‘ gorgeous invites!

invitationsToo bad they were out of our budget. Especially since our budget was so low, around $250. At first I thought we could create our invitations ourselves. After all, we were able to make our save-the-dates ourselves, though those were only emailed and not posted. I found a few cute designs available for download for a reasonable price or for free, like these from The Wedding Chicks. S0 I started to research what I would need to make our own invitations and I became a little concerned about our lack of skills and knowledge on paper resources. This led us to consider another option, Wedding Paper Divas. A friend of ours happens to work for this company and generously offered us her friends and family discount. This would have easily allowed us to stay within budget and required a lot less work on our part. So I browsed their designs, and while none of them really screamed “US,” there were a few I would have been fine with, like this one:


This was a bit formal for us but we liked the woodsy feel

Matt's mom has a friend in the paper business (not Michael Scott, unfortunately) who she contacted about creating our own invitations and using their services for printing. She came back with a price slightly over what Wedding Paper Divas would cost, around $300. I was fine with saving the money and going with the cheaper, not as cool option but both Matt and his mom felt it was worth it and wanted to utilize the friend's connections and so we started designing our invitation ourselves. Since neither of us have particularly fabulous artistic skills it was too difficult to recreate the Rifle style designs and I started looking for other inspiration. That's when I found this fun design from Minted:

invitationsWe liked the idea of using a mustache and lips since Matt and all his groomsmen will be donning staches on the big day. We also liked the bold, fun look of using different fonts in different colors that we saw on other invitations. With all this in mind my fabulous LOML whipped together a gorgeous design which I promptly “ehh”-d while offering very little constructive feedback, what can I say, I'm bad at this stuff!

It ended up being more difficult than expected, mostly because of a time crunch. The design had to be sent to the printers within two weeks after making this decision as that was the only time we could take advantage of this paper sale they were having. My honey worked his butt off, along with the help of his mom, who is also very talented with these things. Using Adobe Indesign and Photoshop they came up with this!invitations


response card, postcard style


the back!

Cute, right? So William Arthur up in San Francisco printed them for us and we assembled them in a basic cream envelope with some white liners and got to work addressing!  We also marked each response card using an invisible ink pen, very useful should any come back missing a name! (So far only one has, and it was from my mother!)


Hard at work!

We ended up spending close to $350 for 100 invites, plus postage, but I am at peace with that, after all it was still good deal and they are custom and unique!

Did you brave through a DIY invitation project? Or get a good deal from a friend or online? Please share!


Boshi is too square to make it to our wedding, he has a busy schedule of napping that day

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