10 Fastest Ways to ruin a wedding

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Proposing at a wedding is the worst cliche, according to people on Reddit. What do you think of this list of epic wedding faux pas?

The Fastest Ways to Ruin a Wedding


Many in the thread believed that proposing at a wedding is the worst cliché. It cause a considerable disruption at wedding.

Proposing at a Wedding

Bringing Children  Who Can’t Behave

“The worst is when people bring their children to weddings when they are misbehaving and overwhelmed by the atmosphere,” suggested one.

“I would be devastated if someone announced their pregnancy at my wedding,” admitted one.  "I never understood why people need that much attention.”

Announcing Your Pregnancy

Never wear white to a wedding. One user wrote, “I had a friend who wore a white dress to her ex-husband’s wedding.

Wearing White

“Becoming overly intoxicated can easily ruin a wedding,” one explained. “Many people don’t think about this because everyone likes to party and let loose at weddings.

Becoming Overly Intoxicated

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